Leigh Blyth
Universal Healing Tao Instructor

I teach the Healing Tao practices that I have found to give the most health benefit to myself and others.

My interest in Taoism started when researching the background of a martial art I was studying. I stumbled across a copy of the Tao Te Ching. I was captivated by its paradoxical poems finding them both enlightening and confusing at the same time.

The journey that followed in martial arts, healing and meditation was guided by my early experiences. Over time, my interests evolved from purely physical self-protection into a fascination with movement, health and most of all Energy.

Another turning point came when I noticed the effect Tai Chi was starting to have on my physical structure, health and sense of well-being. A desire to understand these changes and then pass them on to others led me to bodywork, and I started training in Shiatsu. To develop my own practice further I began to follow the Taoist system as taught by Master Mantak Chia.

I am now a certified Universal Healing Tao instructor, Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage teacher and fully qualified in Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Cosmic Healing. Along the way an interest in the link between mind and body therapies took me to study Contemporary Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and NLP.


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