Take part in an Online Live Global Seminar
with Master Mantak Chia in May 2020
Learn Tao Practices for Challenging Times ~ The Key to All Doors
London 2018 Programme

Fri 5th October 10.30am to 5.30pm

£5 / £5 Concessions**

Introduction to the Healing Tao

A full day of demonstrations, talks and mini classes given by local Tao instructors.

Fri 5th October 7pm to 9pm

£15/£10 Concessions**

Evening Lecture with Master Chia

“How to Put Chi into your Mind, Body and Soul”

Sat 6th/Sun 7th October

£250/£225 Concessions**

Taoist Basic Practices

Qigong & Meditation for a Healthy Life

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£250/£225 Concessions**

Healing Love and Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Tue 9th October 7pm to 8.40pm


Film Night: How it all began, origins of the Healing Tao System

An award winning documentary detailing the story of the Healing Tao System from its roots in a small office in China Town, NYC to one of the worlds largest Taoist arts organisations.

Wed 10th/Thu 11th October

£250/£225 Concessions**

Tan Tien Chi Kung & Wisdom Chi Kung

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The Full 7 days & Lecture (Save £65/£55)£680£612

 Deposit – Taoist Basic Practices £125£112.50

 Deposit – The Essence of the Elements£125£112.50

 Deposit – Fusion of the Five Elements£125£112.50

 Deposit – The Full 7 days & Lecture£340£306

Live Energy Transmission with Master Mantak Chia

16th & 17th May 2020 Awakening The Light of Healing & Wisdom 

18th & 19th May 2020 The Loving Energy that Heals ~ Transform Sexual Energy to Life Force

25th & 26th May 2020 Bone Marrow Nei Kung



€270 for  4 days | 16th – 19th May (20 hours)

€150 for 2 days (10 hours)

8am – 2pm Dublin/London Timezone (GMT+1)


This seminar is in English. Translation available in French, Spanish, German, Romanian, Italian & Russian through Zoom Interpreter channels. Once you book, you will be sent your link the day before the seminar.


Mantak Chia is the founder of Universal Healing Tao, a much-loved system of personal cultivation and spiritual development, practised all over the world. Through Taoist practice, you can learn simple techniques to reduce stress and create harmony and balance in your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Dedicate time to heal yourself and improve your life now. The Tao is simple, yet profound and complete. 


Learning from Grandmaster Mantak Chia is a very special experience and many people sense a shift in their own life-force/vitality. We are in a new paradigm in this moment of our time as we embrace fully the online world. Many of you are taking the time to work on personal development – to try something new or something you’ve always wanted to do. Enjoy this opportunity of free time to receive teachings from a true Taoist Master of our lifetime.


May 16th & 17th - 8am to 2pm Dublin/London Timezone (GMT+1)

€150 for 2 days (10 hours)

Awakening The Light of Healing & Wisdom

This workshop includes the Inner Alchemy basics of: Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, Tan Tien/North Star connection and Taoist 5 Elements Theory. These foundational practices will awaken your chi/life-force energy. Explore ways to stay centred and grounded and to cultivate your own life-force.

Learn traditional and tested Taoist methods to:

  • Manage your Emotions ~ release & recycle negative energy

  • Transform Stress into Vitality

  • Strengthen your Immune System

  • Open your Energy Channels

  • Develop Healing Power through Primordial Chi Kung

These foundation practices bring you back to the body’s wisdom.

May 18th & 19th - 8am to 2pm Dublin/London Timezone (GMT+1)

€150 for 2 days (10 hours)

Loving Energy that Heals ~ Transform Sexual Energy to Life Force

Sexual energy provides an extremely powerful means for rejuvenation and accessing a higher spiritual energy. Mantak Chia unveils how to recycle your life-essence in order to increase longevity, improve your quality of life and love-making. This loving energy really heals.

Learn about:

  • Transforming Sexual Energy to Strengthen Your Body, Mind & Spirit

  • Becoming Multi-Orgasmic

  • Sexual Reflexology

  • Dual Cultivation/Harmonious Love-Making

  • The many types of Orgasm for Women & Men

  • Harmony of Yin & Yang / Combing the Energies of Sex & Love

  • Ways to Increase your Creative Power

  • Taoist Techniques for Sexual Healing 

Please note: This is an informational workshop with practical exercises, for singles/couples/ any sexual orientation. We recommend you do the Awakening Healing & Wisdom Light workshop as preparation.

May 16th - 19th - 8am to 2pm Dublin/London Timezone (GMT+1)

€270 for 4 days | 16th – 19th May (20 hours)

ALL 4 Days:

16th & 17th May 2020 Awakening The Light of Healing & Wisdom 

18th & 19th May 2020 The Loving Energy that Heals ~ Transform Sexual Energy to Life Force

May 25th & 26th - 8am to 2pm Dublin/London Timezone (GMT+1)

€150 for 2 days (10 hours)

Bone Marrow Nei Kung

Mantak Chia reveals the ancient physical & energetic Taoist techniques used to “regrow” bone marrow, strengthen the bones and rejuvenate the organs and glands. These techniques of bone breathing, bone compression, and sexual energy massage absorb energy into the bones. By stimulating the hormonal production that helps prevent osteoporosis, the effects of ageing can be reversed.

Explore these practice Live with Mantak Chia

• Rejuvenation exercises

• Regrow bone marrow

• Revive the internal organs, and prevent osteoporosis

• Bone breathing and bone compression

• Detoxify the body

• Sexual energy massage

• Chi weight lifting to enhance the life force within

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Online Live Streaming is the new avenue of learning and connecting. Mantak Chia has already shared many of his teachings online and students have reported feeling energy as they practice, even having their mid-eyebrow open and feeling chi circulate in their microcosmic orbit. This online global seminar will be live with Master Mantak Chia teaching from Tao Garden and streaming to you in your own home using the platform Zoom. There will be an opportunity to interact and ask questions. You will be able to follow the class as if you are in the room with him. There will be recordings available afterwards if you are not available for the class times. However, as best you can try to organise your day to the arranged times, as it will help to raise the chi around the planet. We will practice and meditate together. This seminar is structured in a coherent way to guide you layer by layer through the Tao practice.


Master Chia regularly updates his teachings, the basic Taoist practices taught in this year’s winter retreat have advanced from what he taught a few years ago. His meditations and own personal practices have constantly inspired him to present techniques differently and in these classes you will receive the latest version. Re-source yourself especially in this time of uncertainty and challenge that we are now living in. The Primordial & Cosmic Energy is all around you, you just need to learn how to draw that energy in to build internal chi and support yourself.


It seems that the Universe is pushing us towards on-line learning,  so get going with the basic Taoist practices now. 




Paris/ Berlin / Rome Timezone | CET

  • 08.20 – 08.50 | Morning Qi Gong

  • 09:00-12:00 | Seminar with Master Chia

  • Break

  • 13:00-15:00 | Seminar with Master Chia



Full Seminar | 4 days | 16th – 19th May ~ €270 per person 

Awakening Healing & Wisdom Light | 2 days ~ €150 per person 

Loving Energy that Heals  | 2 days ~ €150 per person

Bone Marrow Nei Kung  | 2 days ~ €150 per person  


These workshops are open to beginners or those who wish to deepen their practice. No previous experience is necessary. Repeating workshops develops mastery. 


Each 2-day course will be accredited as 10 hours by Mantak Chia and UHT System

– Accredited towards Instructor Training requirements

– Accredited towards the Higher Level practices

 (Please note for accredited hours, your own name must be registered on the ticket booking)