Level 1 – Foundations of Tao Yoga
Inner Smile


In this meditation we cultivate the heart's healing energy of love, joy and happiness with a simple smile. We then direct this energy inside and use it to reconnect with our physical and emotional bodies. In the West, we know love comes from the heart; in Chinese theory, each organ stores positive virtues and by focusing on these organs and their positive energies we bring more of those qualities into our lives. Imagine what it would feel like to have a little more courage, wisdom, love, peace and trust in your life!

6 Healing Sounds


In Chinese medicine, the organs are not just  responsible for the virtues but negative emotions as well. Each organ stores an associated negative emotion. With the 6 Healing Sounds and specific movements, you can clear negative emotions and energetically detoxify the organs. Recycling the trapped energy brings about an increase in energy and a sense of peace and balance. Great to use before bed to get a good night's sleep or as a quick way to transform in the moment unwanted negative emotions into usable energy.

The Microcosmic Orbit

This meditation works with deep constitutional energy and is the foundation on which many later practices are built. During the opening process, you learn to connect the main back and front acupuncture channels, which function as reservoirs of energy. By connecting the two into one circuit, this deeply nourishing chi can be circulated pass your major organs and through the nervous system to all the cells. This brings them energy necessary for growth, healing and normal function.

With these techniques you are able to

  • Take control of your own energetic and spiritual self development

  • Cultivate more energy, happiness and better health

  • Transform negative emotions into positive virtues

  • Feel grounded, centred and balanced in your daily life


These are the first steps on the path to taking control of your own mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and development

Level 2 – Fusion

In the Foundation practices we connect with the 5 elements using the Inner Smile and the 6 Healing Sounds. These elements are not static as the word ‘element’ may imply but refer to phases or transitions through which all things go. 


The 5 element system originated in China about 2500 years ago and is a way of understanding process and change. It can be applied to anything from cosmic cycles, the health of our internal organs or our emotions.


The 5 elements are Wood (mu), Fire (huo), Earth(ti), Metal (jin), and Water (shui).


To begin using the system we first develop an understanding of each element/phase and then learn how they relate (see diagram). After that we can start using it to decode a vast array of seeming unconnected information and bring pattern, order and often a simple solution to life’s complex problems.

Why learn Fusion?

Early Taoists understood that everything was made of energy. They watched this energy and began to discern patterns; the result of this enquiry was the discovery of the 5 elements relationship model.


They also realised that we are a microcosm of the universe and by understanding your inner space you can understand your outer world. Further, they learnt that we can connect out into the external world and harness its infinite energy by bringing our own internal energy into balance and harmony.

Its obvious when you think about – “smile and the world smiles with you” – early Taoists have taken this simple observation and made it into a science – Fusion!

Some of the underlying principles of Fusion:

  • You are surrounded by an unlimited supply of energy

  • By bring your inner universe into balance and harmony you can connect to this energy

  • Once connected you can use this unlimited energy to benefit your life and health


There are 3 parts to the Fusion practice:

Part 1: Fusion of the 5 Elements

First you prepare the space, the Tan Tien (the energy center below the navel) where the internal alchemy will take place. Then you construct and imprint the symbol of the Pakua (see diagram above) in our energy field to connect with and draw in the five energies and eight forces of nature.

Next we connect with and draw out the negative emotional energies found in the organs. These energies are then transformed and fused into pure life-force energy, Chi, in the centre of the Tan Tien. This ball of energy is further condensed and crystallised; in ancient texts it is often referred to as a pearl, which is used to absorb the energy all around you.

Part 2: Cosmic Fusion

Once we have formed a pearl, we use it to grow or intensify the virtues of each organ and then absorb them, forming a pearl of compassion. This concentration of life force energy and virtues is then used to open and clean 4 of the 8 psychic energy channels. These channels further open the energy body to be able to absorb more Chi and connect, balance and rejuvenate the glands and energy centres of the body.

Part 3: Fusion of the 8 Psychic Channels

The final part of Fusion, we open the final four psychic channels which connect all of the yin and yang channels in the energy body, regulating and balancing the energy flow of all the meridians. Free flowing energy is the foundation of perfect mental, emotional and physical health.

Fusion is a profound spiritually lightening process! A gift passed down from the meditation Masters of Ancient China.

Level 3 – Healing Love Sexual Alchemy

Sexual energy is the most powerful and versatile energy available to us. We can tap into this virtually infinite reservoir of creative energy and use it for healing, to nourish ourselves and to improve our relationships and sex life.

Healing Love practices consist of learning to cultivate, transform, circulate and conserve our sexual energy.  Men and women lose sexual energy in different ways so there are specific practices for each to slow the depletion of this vital energy. Men lose energy through ejaculation and women mainly through menstruation and childbearing.

“Thousands of years ago the Tao, and other systems, discovered that orgasm, compassion and loving energy have a lot of healing power when combined. So when we have arousal, orgasm and loving compassion fire combined together we can use them to heal, create, connect to the higher spiritual practices and connect to the source.”

Grandmaster Mantak Chia 

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