Warm up before working with sexual energy!

Many people have stumbled across the healing Tao system by reading one of Master Chia’s books. The most popular and the ones he is most famous for are the ones working with sexual energy (The Multi-Orgasmic Man & The Multi-Orgasmic woman).

Not so many people know about the wider system or the importance of studying the basics practices as preparation before working with sexual energy.

Sexual energy as well as being a high-octane fuel used for healing, procreation and creative projects also has the power to multiply/amplify. The multiplying effect when combined with unexpressed negative emotions makes for a disastrous combination.

This is a simple explanation for the emotional rollercoaster of some relationships. So starting to work with sexual energy before balancing the emotions can have some unwanted side effects. Everyone knows that before exercise it is best to warm up, well the first step in Taoist alchemy is to transform the emotions of the organs into the virtues.

Emotion / Organ / Element / Virtue

Frustration, Anger / Liver / Wood / Forgiveness, Kindness

Hastiness, Impatience, Hatred / Heart / Fire / Love, Joy, Happiness

Anxiety, Worry / Spleen / Earth / Trust, Openness, Centred, Grounded

Sadness, Melancholy, Depression / Lung / Metal / Courage, Righteousness

Fear, Phobia, Trauma / Kidney / Water / Calm, Peace, Wisdom

Using the simple and easy to learn practices of the inner smile and six healing sounds we clear the organ and energy channels of stagnant energy, transform the emotions and prepare the way for health and working with sexual energy. Once the body is full of kindness, love, happiness, trust, openness, courage, calmness and peace it is time to unleash the sexual energy!

Starting with the liver (Wood) which is the first organ affected by stress and finishing on the Kidneys (Water) has the added bonus of transforming the stress from the liver into vitality. We bring the energy from organ to organ making use of their natural energetic relationships and finally store it in the Kidneys, our storehouse of vitality and sexual energy. The practices return a feeling of flow, vibrancy and harmony to the energy system, mind, emotions and body.

The Taoist teachings give an equal importance to working with the mind and body systems, as they understand the link between the two. We work on the body with simple qigong – moving exercises combining breathing and energy direction and awareness – to cultivate our connection with the earth energy, our root and sense of grounding. This connection manifests physically as a stable structure that can be trusted to support us, which gives us confidence and emotional balance.

These practices may seem esoteric at first glance but scientific research is beginning to understand the mechanisms behind them. There is mounting evidence supporting the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, Qigong and tai chi, cultivating gratitude, forgiveness and the link between health the body emotions and mind.

Once you are all warmed up, the next Healing Love workshop will be on 8th & 9th October with Master Chia.

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